(Collaborations, Implementation, & Management)
If you are looking to launch a product or service, new online program or course, the Launch Collaboration & Management option might be what you need.

We work closely with you and your team to create a timeline for your launch, write copy, plan strategy and advertising, assess current concepts and systems, create new opportunity for leads, analyze current website and platforms, design automation workflows, and oversee a full launch of your new endeavor! Typically, clients work with us for approximately 12 weeks for a course or product launch.
An existing business that is currently bringing in revenue, a willingness to outsource and/or hire team members (VA’s, developers, etc.), and an ad budget available.  Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions.
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Disclaimer:  We DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. That’s just not fair to ask of us, since we are only one part of any business equation. Any client who has worked with me or my team will tell you that we give you 1000% of our creative energy, time, and expertise. I will help you stay on task, organized, and on point. With 15 years of business experience, I have a knack for coming up with wild ideas in minutes and will also help YOU get unstuck in your own mind about what to do next and how to proceed. I promise I will save you A TON of money that you might have spent on “feel good” coaches that couldn’t find the dashboard of a WordPress site if it hit ’em in the ass. My Team and I will spare you the agony of deciding what to use, what order to do things in, and the headache of
managing a team.